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Harvest Drop Leaf  Table
Harvest Drop Leaf Table

$1,870.00 - $2,295.00
Harvard Trestle Dining Table
Harvard Trestle Dining Table

$2,235.00 - $2,405.00
Shaker Farm Dining Table
Shaker Farm Dining Table

$1,625.00 - $1,905.00
Shaker Round Dining Table
Shaker Round Dining Table

$1,950.00 - $2,065.00

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Harvest Drop Leaf Table

All of our Shaker Harvest Drop Leaf Tables features two 8 inch drop leaves, hand mortised hinges, room to tuck our Eastview Chairs in at ends between table legs and a fine rule joint running the length of the handmade dinning table for smooth movement and stability. Handmade Shaker dining room furniture available in three lengths, 5, 6 or 7 feet and measuring 26 inches wide when the two 8-inch leaves are down. Custom Shaker dining room furniture sizes can be quoted.

Shaker Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

This drop leaf table is the elegant little sister of our Harvest Drop Leaf Dining Table. This Shaker icon measures 17 inches wide with the two 7.5 inch leaves down and will open to 32 inches when drop leaves are up. Great for breakfast nooks, small kitchens, in entryways or an addition to your living room furniture as a sofa or accent table. All of our handmade Shaker drop leaf tables have hand mortised hinges and a fine rule joint for smooth movement and stability.

Shaker Oval Drop Leaf Dining Table

One of the many great features of our Oval Drop Leaf Table is that chairs will tuck neatly at the ends of the handmade dining table with the leaves up or down. The top of this Shaker dining room furniture piece measures 28 inches wide with the 14 inch leaves down, 42 inches wide with one leaf up and is a 56 inch by 42 inch oval dining table with both leaves open. The perfect handmade dining table when downsizing to a smaller home.

Rectangular Extension Dining Table

This Shaker Rectangular Extension table shows off its functionality by extending on smooth running dovetailed slides. Our handmade dining table is available with one or two 18-inch self-store leaves, a three leaf version and custom sizes can be quoted. A versatile piece of Shaker dining room furniture. Each leaf has a full apron; with one leaf, the table expands to 78 inches and seats 8. With two leaves, the table expands to 96 inches and sits ten.

Oval Extension Dining Table

A confident addition to your Shaker dining room furniture; our handmade Shaker Oval Dining Table features rounded aprons and a 20 inch leaf. Closed at 60 inches this Shaker style dining table seats 6. One leaf can be added to this solid cherry wood dining table expanding it to 78 inches seating 8. Custom sizes can be quoted. Please visit Tables by Trade and Bedrooms by Barlow to see more of our furniture collection.

Shaker Round Extension Dining Table

The Shaker Round Extension Table is sure to be the centerpiece of any home. This Shaker dining room furniture piece is handmade in 48 inches round opening to a 66 inch oval with one 18 inch leaf. Custom Sizes can be quoted. The rounded aprons result in a distinguished handmade dining table of beauty and versatility. Please visit Tables by Trade and Bedrooms by Barlow to see more of our furniture collection

Harvard Trestle Dining Table

We modeled this handmade dining table after the original Harvard Trestle Shaker dining room furniture from the Harvard Massachusetts Shaker Community. The walnut pegged breadboard ends are not only beautiful but functional; they work to keep the fine grained, wide boards of the table top in place, in lieu of traditional aprons. The table is handmade in three lengths 5, 6 or 7 feet. Our 12-inch wide Company Boards are a great way to add even more length to expand the dining table when company comes. The Harvard Trestle Benches are great seating options paired with this beautiful handmade dining table.

Shaker Farm Dining Table

Whether you're shopping for a kitchen, dining table, a large conference table or desk top this multifunctional Shaker dining room furniture will serve many needs over its multigenerational lifespan; add breadboard ends for an additional $250.00, add an arched apron for an additional $120.00, add drawers for extra storage for an additional $180.00 per drawer and with your choice of either round turned tapered Shaker legs or square tapered Shaker legs. Handmade in three lengths with custom sizes and options available; the 64 inch length seats 6 comfortably, the 76 inch length seats 8 and the 96 inch length sits 10. Our Shaker Farm Bench is a great seating option paired with this beautiful handmade dining table.

Shaker Round Dining Table

A round table is great for dinner conversations or in a game room. The craftsmanship in this Shaker dining room furniture is evident, the gently rounded aprons of this handmade dining table give it a very pleasing look. Handmade in two sizes; 48 inches round or 54 inches round this Shaker Round Dining Room Table will elegantly enhance your dining room, media room or game room.